be merry!


an awesome couple in their adorable home with their sweet baby girl.  

i am so thankful for families like this that trust me with a very unposed session that is just them being them.  kids grow up and time passes by so quickly that it is easy to forget what our everyday looks like (even the mundane stuff), so i LOVE to get in homes and give this view to my clients!  if you like this style too, please let me know and lets create some 'real' images together - id love to hear from you!!  contact me here if interested,


princess dresses, hi ho cherry-o and homemade pizzas!


i am still here!  haha.  just haven't posted in forever, but today i am back with one of my favorites. give me all the real + unposed families doing what they do, because that is the best to me!  i don't strive for perfection, i want the natural interactions, the house and outfits not impeccable and all the day-to-day that goes on in every single family!  want to see what your family looks like??? send me an email here and lets make that happen!

this family:  mom and dad met at starbucks (super cute!) they have two absolutely adorable girls, stevie and remi (those names!!) and well, we hung out one morning!  this is what it looked like...

ps the smiles never end in this family :)


early saturday morning.


unscripted.  complete documentary shooting is my favorite.  it is real.  it is messy.  and it is about freezing this time in your life so that you have images to look back at and bring you right back to your day-to-day.  the mundane and the magical - because it ALL matters!

i walked in on the two older ones with a front row seat to dad making breakfast.  they were told moments before 'someone is coming over and will take a few pictures'.  these guys didn't even seem phased by me and my bulky camera...they made me feel right at home with them.  we spent the next few hours just hanging out - doing what they do on a satruday morning together.  it is that easy!


big backyard


i met this family because one of my favorite local photographers (tim prust) sent them my way.  sometimes walking into a new, big family can be a little scary, but not these guys.  the kids introduced themselves, dad offered me a coffee and mom made the whole session exactly what it was...relaxed!  


beach breeze


we first met several years ago while she was starting off in photography and not only trusted me to document her family but also encouraged me to do my thing in such a genuine way.  it is common for me to approach a session a bit more concerned with what i think the client wants vs how i enjoy documenting, so when given that okay, i find my creativity and inspiration flourish.  

and when her kids asked me to come over after the beach and insisted on holding my hand throughout the session, i was quite smitten.  

this session is my ideal.  creative freedom mixed in with complete trust is MAGIC! 

here is them last year