welcome winslow maybelle


a family of three plus a cute pup.  they found me through instagram (!!!) and allowed me to document sweetheart winslow entering this world a few weeks back.  now they are home and settling into this new stage of life and doing it well!


family reunion at the lake.


shortly after her family booked a lake house for a week in summer, alison contacted me regarding a session.  she wanted to take advantage of having everyone together!  i showed up as the kids were running around and fishing, adults enjoying some cocktails and the grill getting started up.  it was easy, relaxed and well, i could have stayed for hours, had i not had to get back to my responsibilities - this is exactly how i love my sessions to go! 


recent work


somehow i have gotten behind on keeping up with my posting images over here.  partly because it is summer and it is a hectic time with kids and their activities, and part because i am feeling in a slump, not good enough.  but a funny thing happened while looking over a couple months of sessions, i see and fall in love with images that i originally didn't think much of.  the best part is the excitement it brings me because i have so many families that i get to create with in the upcoming months!

id love to show you your family in a unique way...not the posed, not the cheesy smiles..but just you guys being you, let me know if you think you'd like that too!


marfa, texas


sometimes you end up in places you never imagined.  places that you are nervous for.  places you aren't sure if you belong.  places that change you.  marfa was that for me in some ways.  i attended a workshop and wasn't really even sure of what i was getting into. 

part of my time was spent watching the instructor, yan palmer, shoot a family session while we could essentially second shoot.  (i want a second shooter job btw...SOOOO amazing!)  this was one of the sessions and man was it inspiring.  the home.  the four girls.  the easy love between mom and dad.  the vivid colors in their kitchen.  the light. the women i was with...it all just flowed so elegantly.

the couple hours spent at with this family was definitely one of my favorites of the trip!