welcome baby isabella / milwaukee photographer


i was reconnected with fran when we discovered our love affair with photography.  we chatted often + soon began to realize that even though years had past, we had so much in common now.  after several dinners, she secretly shared they were expecting #4.  i was thrilled + now we had ANOTHER thing in common...mom to 4! i was honored to photograph her + her family for their birth announcement.  a few months later, fran shared some birthing sessions she saw...i absolutely loved the idea and some how we came to the conclusion, i would do this for her!  what. an. honor.  it is one thing to photograph families, children, etc.  but when you are asked to photograph people at one of their most vulnerable moments, it is indescribable.  i think i gave fran every opportunity possible to 'back out'.  i never wanted to step on toes, be in anyway a distraction nor did i want to make her uncomfortable in anyway.  being the sweetheart she is, she made it very clear she wanted me there and to just do my thing!  thank you for that fran, because that is exactly what made this so awesome!

having 4 of my own, i know all too well the emotions, discomfort and lack of control that is involved in childbirth.  i was in awe of fran the entire time.  she was calm, focused and a natural.  it was so intimate + personal yet she was a sweet, kind and relaxed.  she was incredible.

i was reminded of a couple things...

* dads do not like seeing mom in pain and struggle with what to do since they can't help her

* women are awesome, strong, powerful and brave

*childbirth is a miracle

*no matter what age, what time it is, who you are with...babies do something magical to us.

thankyou fran + peter for this experience.  xo

i was in tears throughout, but little did i know the fun had just begun.  when the 3 big brothers came in...it was an overwhelming feeling of excitement and newness.  there was talk about baby isabella being hungry so one said 'i think we have some oranges!' as the older one said, 'i don't really think she has teeth yet!'.  then gently maddox turned to the nurse and said in a very thankful voice, 'hey, she is reallllly cute!'  i was taking it all in and LOVING it!  those first few minutes were truly priceless.

along with the silly comments, it was as if mom + baby were real life super heros!  they were all so taken back, gentle and sweet with them. check out their eyes in the images - can't you just feel their emotions?!

again...thank you so much.  xo  jill

congrats on your little baby girl!