hanging out in the backyard.


how can i say this without sounding repetitive?!  this family is one of coolest.  easy to shoot, fun to play with, crazy and willing to try anything and, request i hang out after and chat all while they serve my favorite cocktail!  these are the types of families i could literally photograph all day.  the more you or anyone for that matter hire me and says 'just do what you do' the better, stronger, more creative and unique the images that i will deliver!  

and a little note to those on the fence....

dear family who has ever considered hiring me,

if you like these images.  if these speak to you in some creative way and/or tug at your heart strings, PLEASE contact me.  please let me know that you are cool with messy, unique and all the little details and i PROMISE i will deliver!


that photographer that works best when hired entirely based on a session like this <3