my family, photographed by yan palmer.


when i first stumbled upon yan's work, my jaw dropped.  it wasn't just that she was photographing incredible beautiful people, or that every single shot of hers was filled with emotion that i couldn't put words to, or that she was doing it all on film...yep film, it was that i felt something.  something i didn't even know about.  

my personal journey in photography was relatively new, so to see her work was that feeling of 'way out of my league!'.  still way out of my league, but i did get to attend a workshop with yan last fall.  she is human just like the rest of us, and real, and sweet and something about her just draws you in.  the worskshop was a game changer for sure.  

shortly after that, i saw her post she was headed this way...wisconsin in fact!  and when i contacted her to confirm, yep...she was coming to us!  i think i did some quick negotiating with my significant other and booked within minutes.   long story short, yan hung out with us one day this summer.  it was just what i had imagined...chill, fun, way too short and well, just pretty much my dream summer night.  i am completely oversharing, but you know what...i can't help it.  this is us.  a summer night in july.  thank you yan for every one of these images.  

lastly, this all wouldn't be nearly as awesome without all my favorite people.  they made these images exactly what i hoped for by just being them.