the mabbotts.


i have been creating tiny films of my family for almost a year now.  you can check them out here!  i have fallen in love with the movement and the story they each tell of our life during that time.  recently i had a few requests from families to do this for them.  although i knew i could create this for us over a month time span, i wasn't sure if i was going to pull it off for a 1/2 day together.

so here is my first attempt.  this adorable family let me hang out with them on one of their favorite days of the summer.  they biked, flew kites, took a paddle boat ride, skipped the flattest rocks around and ended with a hot fudge sundae - but i will let you see for yourself.  

i am looking for a few families to allow me to document them in a little film before the end of the year.  you simple go do your thing with your family and i follow is easy!  so if this is something you'd LOVE to have, let's chat!  shoot me an email and we can go over all the details. 

password: mabbott