a day with cash + his crew.


ok guys, here is the deal.  i am in love with these family film sessions and i am quite honored by the amount of interest i have received.  thank you.  thank YOU! please, if you are interested in having me follow your family around for a few hours documenting you being you, contact me.  i am so excited to be created films for others!

so lets face it, cash stole the show here.  for one, he is the most handsome guy around - that hair (!!!) and for two, he is at the perfect age.  swinging, jumping, smiling, moving, observing and all done so four year old like.  desi, his little brother, well he was as sweet as they come.  he rolled right along with all the activities, never once showed an ounce of tired yet squeezed in a cat nap on our way to the park - that boy is something else!  his poor mama wasn't sure if she should reschedule or not, due to him having a bug bite reaction around his eye, but she went with it and said 'it's our story...and he's still the cutest!' which is exactly how i feel too.  it is YOUR story.  and here is the rogers story.  

password: rogers