sky and her mama.


so i have spent the majority of my day typing this blog post and being reminded of my lack of writing skills.  maybe i would share more if i was just better with getting my thoughts into words!?   

back to sky and sarah.  sarah is a dear friend of mine from our younger years.  she has been unconditionally supportive since day one and has been interested in a session for quite some time now. finally the stars aligned for us and i was able to spend some time in florida with sarah and her favorite people for a couple days.

we spent a lot of time catching up, me realizing sky is one lucky lady (you should see her room(s) and wardrobe), and even was able to eat brunch on weekdays (!!!).

we started first at home, getting ready.  then we hopped in the car and went scouting for locations.  we stumbled among a little historic area that offered plenty of light, color and inspiration.  we slowly wandered around while these two got to spend a little time just as mom + daughter.  this is my ideal...if you like the thought of you and your little ones just being you in your own little places, i would love to make that happen for you.

also, i will soon be announcing a little something fun...if you are interested in hiring me this year, i think you might be interested!