i have known maria for several years - she is one of my daughters best friends and is near and dear to my heart. i am a big believer that the more comfortable the photographer and client are with each other the stronger the image, BUT this girl has the confidence too.  she is assure of herself yet in the sweetest and gentlest way that you could just squeeze her up.  these images were all her!




some sessions just flow.  or maybe i am finding more of my flow?  either way, this one has me feeling so excited for the woman i see in this senior.  sweet.  kind.  strong yet soft.  so full of sparkle and an energy that you just want to be around.




this one is confident, kind, beautiful and a down right natural.  her eyes smile every darn time.    


clara. milwaukee senior photography


i cannot even put into words how amazing this senior is.  not only is she super kind, easy going, confident, smart + extremely talented, she is such a natural in front of the camera. it was truly my pleasure to photograph you clara.  thank you.

enjoy your senior year and i wish you all good things for your future.